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Here is video will show you: how to remove gallstones in a natural way by Martin Frischknecht
The inventor of the QuickZap and shares responsibility for the Alps in Switzerland, Parliament, here an interesting method, remove any gallstones without surgery.
Whether this method actually works, you can just check them out. In the worst case, we have purified the body properly. If you manage to specify these resources in the film way to eat.
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Papaya can remove gallstones naturally

Some patients have found that, green papaya can dissolve gallstones naturally, and one of them is my grandmother:

Green papaya, cut the tail,throw out all seeds, add some salt, bain-marie , eat once a day, eat in one week.
Papaya can remove gallstones naturally
In addition,Papaya can remove kidney stones, urinary without surgery

About Papaya: Saving Fruit with Many Healthy Benefits!

  • Papaya contains Vitamins A, C and E which help in digestion, muscle strength and bone health. They are also antioxidants which help maintain the body clean and free from toxins.
  • Papaya fruit can prevent nausea during the mornings.
  • Papaya has a specific enzyme referred to as papain which usually aids in the act regarding digestion of food and so aids break down foods as well as other vitamins and minerals far more effortlessly.
  • Papaya fruit can also help to stabilize your body’s digestion process and keep you strong and fatigue-free.
  • Papaya help you build a stronger immune system which you need in order to fight against viruses. Daily intake of these vitamins is recommended by doctors worldwide.
  • Papayas are also good source of fiber which can help when dealing with constipation.

Foods to avoid if you don’t have a gallbladder.

Even if you have just gotten your gallbladder removed or you’ve lived without one for years, this list will come in handy to those trying to avoid indigestion due to the lack of a gallbladder. So why we need to avoid certain foods after having our gallbladder removed ? The gallbladder stores excess bile from the liver. When it is called upon to digest greasy foods and other fats, it contracts so that it may squeeze out the bile into small ducts that lead into the digestive tract. The fatty foods are then digested without a problem and the toxins eradicated. But when the gallbladder is removed, the digestive tract is not able to receive enough bile to properly digest greasy foods and thus problems arise. If you have read through my articles on taking bile salts, you will still need to consider a diet in order to keep your liver clean and functioning properly. With that in mind, you should definitely try to avoid any of the following foods as much as possible for your own good.
Avoid tomato or tomato juice

Gallstones Removal

Gallstones Removal Without Surgery
Doctors prefer surgery when it comes to removing gallstones. Surgical procedure involves removing the entire gallbladder to dispose gallstones permanently. However, surgical procedures have their own disadvantages as health risks are associated with it. Gallstones removal recovery after surgery may take days and even months, depending upon the patient's health. Generally, patients experience severe pain for the first 3 - 4 days post surgery. Also, one is not allowed to lift heavy objects for a period of 1 - 2 weeks, unless the patient is fully recovered. Keep in mind that surgery is the last resort and is used only when alternative therapies fail to improve the patient's condition.

Gallstones Removal Diet:

Change inside eating habits could be the important to be able to gallstones removing with out surgical procedure. Creating a eating habits abundant with soluble fiber can be a advised gallstones removing method, usually suggested for the individuals. Introduction regarding large soluble fiber food items is vital to remove excessive cholesterol out from the physique.
Gallstones are often produced as a result of excessive deposition regarding cholesterol inside the gallbladder. 80% regarding situations are usually clinically determined to have hard cholesterol gallstones. Thus, so that you can reduced cholesterol, a straightforward remedy should be to boost soluble fiber inside the eating habits, simply by ingesting a lot of fruit and veggies.

Video: Gallstone Attack: How to stop ?

If you are wondering  there is anything that can be done to stop a gallstones attack,you should watch this video
This man can speak from his experience, He had forty gallstone attacks when he was young and when he did  first liver flush, these attacks stopped. But, it is in some cases, even if you do liver flushes, and there are still stones in the bile ducts of the liver and/or gall bladder you still prone, susceptible to have a future attack so it is not necessarily a guarantee that you wont have future attacks. But, once your liver is clean and your gall bladder is cleaned out there is no way you can have another gallstone attack.

Gall bladder pain attack and problems associated with gall stones

Gall bladder attack is characterized by pain under the right costal arch, which is usually spread under the right shoulder, right armpit or chest. Pain can be sharp and interrupted for a period of several hours. The pain goes and comes and it is the type of pain called colic. For bile colic is typical that the pain is slowly growing up to a level and then gradually decreases. Except for described pain with gall attack patients often have nausea and vomits or has urge to vomit. Bile colic is caused by moving of stones or a stone in the bile bag that usually move in a narrower part of the gallbladder or at a time when they enter the bile ducts.
The pain can come from a stone making its way down the biliary duct or bile tube toward the duodenum of the small intestine. It can also be caused by a back up of bile in the gallbladder (with or without stones) that causes it to swell from fullness causing discomfort. Or it can come from an infected gallbladder itself that becomes inflammed known as cholecystitis.

What You Need to Know About Gallbladder Surgery ?

Gallbladder surgery treatment is likewise well-known while in the health arena for a panel cholecystectomy. This is usually a medical procedures worth considering the surgeon in making a strong incision in the abdominal area so that they can operate on a person's diseased gallbladder.
Them often necessitates that your chosen gallbladder be used outside wholly so that they can decrease a person's discomfort and pain.


Some of the relieving effects that will come about after gall bladder surgery include the following:
  • Improved digestion
  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Relief from gas that fills the abdomen that causes bloating and the feeling of stuffiness
All of these benefits, however, might not come uniformly for everyone who opts to undergo the surgery.


Some individuals still complain from pain even after having laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. This might be caused by a variety of different complications. It is best that you have yourself checked by a medical physician to make sure that you do not face any major threat or harm to your body.
If the pain persists, it might mean that it’s not a gallbladder problem completely. Sometimes the build-up of bile in your liver causes you pain.
In fact, there are instances when the build-up occurs after gallbladder removal surgery. The sac that used to be responsible for holding in excess bile has already been taken out of your body. This creates the tendency for the liver to be overwhelmed with extra work that it must do to maintain regular bodily functions. This causes fats to saturate in your liver which might be the main cause for discomfort that happens after the gall bladder operation.
There are also common gallbladder surgery complications that can be observed after the operation.
First of all, since there is no longer room left for storage of excess bodily fluids, the tendency for your body is to excrete them to make sure that it does not exceed its toxicity levels. This can cause you to visit the toilet more often than usual, even immediately after eating.
Another side effect that is common is the formation of gallstones. This is caused by your liver being forced to produce less bile, which leads to the thickening of the bile. When this happens, either you will need to go on a gallstones diet or undergo gallstone surgery.
Before you book your gallbladder surgery, have a look at the pros and cons of going through with it, and see if there are any alternatives worth pursuing first.